For your home the colorful pattern of Pooja Plastics

Taking the concept of #VocalForLocal ahead we are happy to bring our products to the 248.8 million households in the country!

Essentials that make your Bathroom Beautiful

DC Bucket

Add a splash of color to your bathroom

LB Bucket

Sturdy and durable built to last for years to come

LB Bucket with LID

The most hassle-free storage option in the market!

Square Bucket

Tough bucket with the most comfortable grip you'll find!

Gold Bucket

Unbreakable buckets that promise a lifetime together

Printed Bucket

Attractive prints that make your bathroom come alive!

Printed Mug

A splash of water and a bloom of flowers equals to a beneficial product

Duplex Mug

A splash of water and a bloom of flowers equals to a beneficial product

Close Handle Mug

Bright colors, beautiful homes!

DC Mug

A constant companion of your daily affairs

Plain Mug

Because simplicity is often the best!

Corner Rack

Increases space by keeping your utilities intact!

Soap Case

Handy, travel-friendly, and leak-proof!

Printed Tub

A stylish tub that is a next-level bathing experience!

Super Tub

A special tub for special ones in your home.

Mini Tub

Exceptional quality, sorting all your bathroom needs!

Baby Bath Tub

The cutest little pool you'll find for your little one!

Baby Potty Deluxe

Ensuring comfort and cleanliness for your brood.

Mini Bathroom Set 6 Pcs

Different bathroom purposes, one handy collection!

Bathroom Set 7 Pcs

A bright and useful ensemble to take your bathroom experience to the next level!

A range of utilities that keep your greens lush and thriving

Decor Planter

Eye-catchy and creative, these upgrade the aesthetic value of your gardens

Hook-pot Planter

These quirky planters can get any pair of eyes hooked to them

Nursery Planter

An addition to the attractiveness of your gardens, these are sure to make heads turn

Window Rectangle Planter

Defined and edgy, these add style to your greens

Round Planter

Simple and elegant, they add beauty both indoors and outdoors.

Vertical Hanging Planter

Created to beautify your ceilings and keep those greens growing.

Tray Base

Keep the stains and dirt off the floor.

Octa Planter

Keep the stains and dirt off the floor.

These products add finesse to your living experience.

Baby Chair

Sweet and comfy, these make seating a tranquil experience.

Diana Chair

These Stylish chairs make comfortable recliners.

Maharaja Table

Majestic and one of a kind, these make your high teas an experience to remember.

Cane Stool

An elite example of durability they make dining a unique experience

Round Trolly Table

Light and agile, they can both hold and carry your utilities.

Sunday Chair

Unique and durable, these sturdy ones add an edge to your living room.

Dining series

Our quirky fixtures make the dining experience marvelous.

Store Fresh. Eat Fresh.

KC Set Printed Airtight

Airtight technology to keep grains fresh, always!

Kitchen Fresh Container

Attractive design; tightly sealed lids ensuring crispiness!

KC Set Plain Airtight

Now store your grains bug-free, with confidence

Cane Masala Box

A small haven to keep all your fragrances intact!

Food Saver Set

Keeps the snacks as fresh as memories


Stack your utensils efficiently with no fear of breakage

Kitchen Basket

Store utilities in one place without any hassle!

Kitchen Tray

An attractive kitchen looks organized with handy trays

Jaldhara Jug

Stay hydrated with water and your favorite drinks as well!

Crescent Ice Tray

Uniquely notched pattern for easy extraction of ice cubes.

Cool Ice Tray

Innovatively grooved, designed for perfect ice cubes!

Ice Cube Tray

Now no more spillage with anti-spill design.

Ice Pop Maker

Making ice pops has become easily memorable.

Ice Cream Freezies

Revisiting childhood memories!


Keeping up with traditions in modern times.

Plain Basin

From soaking grains to using as a toy, this basin is versatile.

DC Basin

Basins that multitask around your house!

DC Colander

That trustworthy friend we all need!

Jali Colander

Durably built, brightly colored, resourceful product

Jaldhara Tray

Say no to spillage and yes to organised glasses!

Add some style to your home

Bath Stool

Attractive and comfortable seat for easy bathing

Printed Bath Stool

A wide base equals a stable product.

Rio Pata

One hefty product, multi-household purpose.

Ruf & Tuf Pata

Anti-skid technology for a smooth experience

Jumbo Panda Stool

A strong base with a wide seat ensures comfort

Shaktiman Pata

Grab items out of reach without any fear

Round Pata

A stool that won’t let you slip or skid.

Ruf & Tuf Pata [Small]

Anti-skid technology for a smooth experience

Gajani Pata

A great product to rest your feet comfortably

Krish Pata

Retains heavy items without any fear of breakage.

Save space. Store Effortlessly

Cane Multi Food Container

Experience a mouthful of tastes with this useful creation

Cycle Basket

Spend family time with a free mind with your utilities in one place!

Humsafar Basket

Going for picnics has become effortless

Hanger (111)

Efficient daily storage for a systematic wardrobe.

Hanger (222)

Hang in jackets and coats to save tons of space.

Hanger (333)

Heavy-duty product to store heavy and special garments.

Max Multi Purpose Stand

Glams up small spaces with a stylishly built pattern.

Keeper Box

Keeps everything safe, this box is a keeper!

Laundry Basket

Your festive mess organising partner!

Bread Box

Fruit or food, nothing goes stale.

Clean Indoors. Safe Homes

Square Drums

Your best friends in time of a water crisis

Round Drums

The lifesaver you need in your home!


Count on it to keep the house dust-free.

Round Swing Bin

Leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Mini Swing Bin

Leaving the kitchen tidy with rubbish stowed away.

Square Swing Bin

Trash stays tucked out of sight and mind!

Dustbin Jali

Best place to toss those paper balls!

DC Dustbin

Hygienic surroundings, a thriving family.

Plain Dustbin

Keeps litter at bay and the vibe fresh!

Pedal Bin

Ideal bin for sparkling homes!

Square Dome

Big in size, extra storage, spotless surroundings.